November 26-27, 2009:

Thanksgiving and the day after–since Heidi was doing all the cooking–afforded me some writing time. That meant I did two poems for the 30 Days gig, worked a bit on Girl’s Bible, did some research for the GB, managed to fiddle with a lot of pieces of paper littering my house (bills, filing stuff, etc.), spoke to both the boys and got caught up on their family stuff. The usual.

And then we got down to the serious business of eating.

Heidi’s Thanksgiving consisted of Maddison and Glendon and me, Glendon’s boyfriend Jason, our friend Susannah Richards (children’s lit specialist), Sueann (ballet teacher), and illustrator Bob Marstall. Heidi’s menu was overwhelming and delicious, but I found I am incapable of eating large meals any more. Good news, bad news, I suppose.

On Friday morning, Susannah and I went off to Snow Farm’s big crafts second’s show. I bought some holiday gifts and then came back to do a bit more work before while Susannah went home. Heidi and Sueann were busy on costumes for the upcoming ballets. We had a family Food Seconds dinner with Sueann.

I will make turkey soup from the bones of the bird on Saturday. “The Bones of the Bird” sounds like a poem.

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