November 29-December 7, 2010:

If you want to now what writing I have been working on the most, it has been Wee Tales, the retelling of fairy tales for the youngest listeners. I now have first (well in some cases second) drafts of some 17 stories, with about 13 more to go. As this is due at the end of the month, you can tell I am scrambling. (The editor held this one up, not me.) I can do about two a day. . .when I am not running around to meetings, speeches, etc. But my days are pretty packed, and so it has been a much more difficult writing time than I wanted it to be.

I also finished the Thirty Poems in Thirty Days project, raising money for The Center for New Americans in Northampton, Mass, and I have raised close to (I think) $2,000 from pledges by people who wanted to see my poems each day, which I sent out by email. I may have 3-5 good enough poems for working on further. Not a bad average, I’d say.

But work on The Thirteenth Fey has stopped entirely until I can see daylight with the Wee Tales project. And do the revision with Adam on BUG. Though I did take time out to tidy up the three chapters and proposal Heidi and I had worked on for Ghoul School and sent that out. And at one dinner where my friend Burleigh wrote the wrong dinner date on her calendar and I was left waiting in the restaurant alone, I began thinking about the third Foiled book. I may have (though not written-down yet) the first pages and the idea for the proposal. It is to be called Engarde!

But even I cannot write five major books at the same time.

I also received several (very minor but nice) awards: besides the National Outdoor Book Award Honor to Jason and me for An Egret’s Day reported earlier here, I heard that Switching on the Moon was  listed both on the Toronto Globe & Mail Best Books list, and was on the Gold Oppenheim Toy Book Award list. All Star was also a gold Oppenheim. And Elsie’s Bird was on Betsy Bird’s (no relative) Fuse # 8 list for Best Books. As I said to an editor friend, what’s a month without an award?

And if you want to hear the national NPR interview with me, go to Kids Author Jane Yolen Never Too Old For Comics : NPR

I also did three local signings, writers’ meetings, a poetry reading, saw one movie with friend Bob “Ghostwriter” (which I had mixed feelings about), had a number of dinners out with other friends. And the usual stuff any life has to encounter: grocery shopping, clothes shopping, holiday shopping etc.

I expect the next few weeks will be equally fraught.

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