October 1-6, 2010:

Book News:

Two nice rejections, a copy of the f&gs of The Day Tiger Rose Went Away, and 10,681 words on the new novel–The Thirteenth Fey which encompasses the first section of the book. (I think it’s three sections.) Since I start my fall travel schedule with a bang this weekend, not sure how much I will get done before November.

Life Etc.:

Visited a member of the writing group who is quite ill along with to other members. We all supported one another. This same week heard about two other friends who died, and a third whose husband died in a freak mountain-climbing accident. Time of my life, I suppose. Always throws me back to David’s death of course.

Heidi and I signed close to (or over) 50 books at the Conway Festival of the Hills.

Had tea with several friends.

Mostly I was head down and writing. That 10,000 plus words were all done in 6 days. And boy! are my wings tired. I think it’s a solid start, but then every time I go back over it, I find more to do.

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