October 11, 2009:

Another not quite great night, jetlag and fighting with time changes will do that. After all, I went backwards across a five hour time difference. I managed all of the pill routines and the eardrop routines, then gathered myself for a couple of hours of busy-work on the computer.

After this, I looked at some of the new books and things that had arrived in the last few weeks: first copy of the new edition of THE SEEING STICK. The illustrations this time around are completely different–and more romantic-looking–than the Charlip illustrations. I love them both in very different ways. The Spanish edition of SEA QUEENS. Korean edition of MY UNCLE EMILY. Contracts for two more Korean books, OWL MOON and one other which I have suddenly forgotten. It was a treasure trove.

Then I got dressed nicely for an hour’s interview by a camera crew working on a documentary about children’s literature and the children’s book publishing scene. Acquitted myself reasonably well, given that it was still somewhat hard to hear their questions. And my voice was raspy. Nose dripping. Lovely sight!

After the crew packed up, I drove off to Brattleboro to meet a date. Ah yes, I am dating. Or trying. Nice man, smart, interesting life. A composer. But no sparks in the heart. Alas.

However, the trip through the beginning of fall color reminded me of how much I love New England autumns and don’t want to miss them. Some trees along the way simply made me gasp with pleasure. Probably full color is still another couple of weeks away.

Dinner with Maddison and Heidi was a lovely treat at the end of the day. I got to bed early and hoped for a good night’s sleep.

And I almost achieved it.

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