October 14-15, 2009:

I am feeling a  bit frantic, a bit fraught. Too many bits and pieces, not enough time before book tour/conference season begins. This means I work on small things in a small way as well as big things in a small way. However, it is the method I have always used until (as Constant Readers of this Journal know) a single piece simply overtakes me and everything else gets set aside.

Specifically, I revised two more times the retold folktale SISTER BEAR and sent it back to the editor. I began working on my upcoming speeches. I am pecking away at the galleys of EXCEPT THE QUEEN. I reworked the opening poem for the HOW DO DINOSAURS LAUGH OUT LOUD. I signed some foreign rights contracts. Faxed off some tax info for speeches I am giving. Worked on a new poem for Lee Hopkins and revised it twice under his directive. (He may still turn it down. It happens!)

And in-between, I had regular blood tests. Had a 1 1/2 hour dentist appointment with a new dentist since my old one (Dr. Edward Welch, over 35 years of caring for my teeth, thanks Dr. W!) precipitously retired in September. Went grocery shopping. Went to a Thursday Children’s Books Drink Night with Bob Marstall and a couple of librarians. Snuffled a lot (still.) Complained about the weather. Chatted with neighbors. Lost another pound. (Please, do not find it and return it to me.) Spent time with my daughter and her daughters, the fabulous Maddison and Glendon.

You know the drill. Life.

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Comments are closed. Please check back later.