October 18-20, 2009:

Stuff, doctor visits, and writing. Ah the glamorous life.

Sunday I read Adam’s final fight scene for BUG which I tidied up just a little bit, added the climax between Sammy and the golem, and our first draft is done, done, done. Oh yeah, that small matter of going over the entire mss. one last time. Easy peasy.

Monday: Bone density exam (non-impact, unlike mammograms and colonoscopies!) Doctor’s appointment, in which my numbers were revealed. Cholesterol down. Blood pressure down. Liver function normal. “Whatever you’re doing, keep doing it,” the doctor said. Also, the burst ear drum is healed. Though I still can’t hear out of the other ear at all.

Picked up Maddison at school because Heidi had a scheduling conflict. Then home where I worked on some of GIRL’S BIBLE.

Tuesday: ENT exam. Yes, the left ear has healed. The right ear, though, has “a vacuum behind the ear drum” which should take care of itself in the next few weeks.

I hosted the writer’s group, with a lot of catch-up of news and two pieces read, both going to be sensational books. One an adult novel, one a YA  novel.

Picked up Maddison at school, took her to ballet, went to my favorite clothing story, Zanna’s in Amherst where I bought two tops. Will wear both on my trip on Wednesday down to Mississippi to speak.

Ah yes, I will be gone three days. Talk amongst yourselves.

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