October 19-December 17, 2012

Okay, this is the longest I have gone without posting in this journal for well over ten years. I have many excuses–work, play, fear, happiness/unhappiness, travel, overwhelming numbers of Things To Do. But I could have found the time. And when I did I rationalized myself out of writing in this journal. So no excuses.


Awards, Prizes Or Oh-What A Life I Lead:

Really, not that many. The biggest thing was flying off to Scotland to give the Andrew Lang lecture at St Andrews University. The lecture series had started back in 1927 and had included such luminaries as J.R.R. Tolkien and John Buchan. There have been 22 lectures in all  (I was the 22nd) , and I WAS THE FIRST WOMAN TO EVER GIVE ONE! So it was a big deal. They had put out fifty chairs, the number of people they normally get at free college-wide lectures. Then had to scramble to set out about 70 more! I was interviewed twice by the BBC, had my photo in the Scotsman. The speech itself will be seen in part in the Horn Book next year and in whole as part of the conference proceedings whenever they come out.

As big a deal was my actually getting there, a saga I won’t repeat here. But I was to leave the weekend before the huge Storm of the Century. I was booked for SundayHartford-Newark-Edinburgh and of course everything got canceled that morning. I finally talked my way onto an Air Canada plane from Hartford to Toronto and from there to London and managed to get up to Edinburgh only three hours later than I would have if my scheduled planes had been running. Whew.

Other Travels:

Minnesota to give a major talk about religion in children’s book, a signing in Minneapolis, a visit with Adam and family. Many bookstore events in South Hadley, Florence MA. Rochester Book Fair. Ashfield MA poetry and song performance with Lui Collins, Stamford CT book fair, New Canaan Ct Library. South Carolina to visit Jason and family and an impromptu overnight in NYC when five (5!!!) planes were cancelled that I was on for the trip home, AND they lost my suitcase (though it showed up the next day.)



Plus a whole lot of writing, which included totally reworking my book of adult poems about the writing life, organizing and sending off my book of adult poems about politics, revising CENTAURFIELD, writing a poem a day (and occasionally two), revising the first chapter of the new Seelie Wars Trilogy, revising the story “Dog Boy” and sending it off, doing several interviews by email, rewriting and sending off the picture book THE STRANDED WHALE. Doing three more of the pieces for the National Geographic book that the kids and I are working on.


Books and Stories and Poems, Oh My!:

And I sold a number of things: Poems: one to Asimov’s, several to Weird Tales, one to Goblin Fruit, several to Silver Blade. Two essays to Horn Book. The Stranded Whale picture book to Candlewick. The picture book Song of Seasons to Creative Editions. Books on several Best of the Year lists: Last Laughs, Bug Off, Curse of the Thirteenth Fey.


And my guy was re-elected president. My health is pretty good for my age, (Could always be better.) My kids and grandkids are reasonably healthy and doing wonderfully well in school.


And I will try to do better with this journal, but no hard-and-fast promises.


Happy holidays all.

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