October 21-23, 2009:

First, an apology to David Costello who I mis-identified as David Milgrim in my post below. In fact apologies to BOTH Davids,  Costello who was at Michelson’s dePaola party and who was part of our dinner after, and Milgrim who wasn’t. If I could learn how to edit already posted Journal entries, I could have quietly dealt with it without the public apology.

Now for the actual Journal entry for the last three days. I was in Mississippi. Yep, flew down to give a speech for their Big Read event ( alas, not very well attended; it was a big homecoming type weekend), a stealth hour presentation to librarians at the MLA (Mississippi Library Assn.) which needed extra chairs, a visit to the deGrummond Collection which is always a treat. Two dinners, and a nice hotel stay later, I am home.

As to work: Adam added a short ending chapter for BUG which was well nigh perfect. (Of course I fiddled a bit with  it.) Now we are re-reading the entire thing. It’s almost 50,000 words.

I got one rejection, three great reviews (one for SCARECROW, one for PUMPKIN BABY, one for UNDER THE STAR), am moving closer to a contract for a new book, and did a bit more work on a possible retold folk tale with illustrator Roberto Innocenti. That last is very up in the air. But I have hopes.

Am off tomorrow for New York City and New Jersey, so once again I will have to play catch-up when I return. All these trips always sound very doable when I accept the engagements a year in advance. But suddenly they all seem to be piling on me when what I really want to do is write. And the worst of it is, I don’t seem to learn this. I just keep saying YES as long as it is a year ahead of time. Of course these days, when more and more of the publicity for books is put on the shoulders of the writers, I shouldn’t be complaining. Just consider it Whine #473.

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