October 24-29, 2010:

What a week–some good, some tragedies revisited, some laughs, some tears.

I saw two friends with cancer this week, one close by, one off near Boston, and coupled with giving a talk about David and reading some of my poems about his death at an event at the Toronto Brain Centre, I felt as if I was wading through the Tropic of Cancer. Reach a certain age, I suppose, and the Probability Theory turns into the Actuality and Actuary Theory.

But I also went off to a writers’ meeting (just three of us) where we talked about changes in the industry, then the illustrator’s meeting at Gary Lippincott’s. More of the same. No one is completely happy with how things are going in publishing.

Then off I went the next day to Cambridge for the morning at Candlewick Books with my wonderful young (very young) editor Katie Cunningham. We talked books, of course. Old ones, new ones. And she had me read my upcoming new Book (Creepy Monsters, Sleepy Monsters) to the assembled editorial, marketing, and art/production departments and do a small q&a. You know, nobody ever asked me to do anything like that before and I have been in publishing for over 45 years. Oops–closer to fifty!

The next day I flew to Toronto, had dinner with friends Jonathan Schmidt and wife Maureen (he was an old editor of mine). In the morning, I gave my talk to the most caring group of individuals one could hope to meet at the Brain Tumor Centre.. There was a buffet after. And then I flew home.

Tired, yes. Figured out the problem (or at least one of them, though it’s a BIG problem) with my new novel. Started reading Wolf Hall, which I love.  And. . .

That’s it. Compact, emotional, and over.

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