October 30-November 9, 2010:

I know, I know, all those promises to keep up the journal and I have been swamped with work and with travel. So here is my catch-up.


Sold a new picture book, a companion to Creepy Monsters, Sleepy Monsters (coming out next year)–called Warty Monsters, Sporty Monsters to Candlewick.

I have been hard at work on the fantasy novel The Thirteenth Fey. Have gotten some 19,000+ words done and gotten stuck in the middle. I often get stuck there but think I may have finally shaken things loose. The breakthrough came as I drove to my writers’ meeting. Whether it will pan out, I will have to see.


Been to the Rochester Book Fair, which was such fun. Mark Teague and I gave a presentation on our How Do Dinosaurs books to a full room full of children and adults. I surprised him by reading the newest book about dinosaurs getting angry. And he drew a quick sketch of a T-Rex slamming the door. Aside from that, we signed books from 10-4:30, so many that my right point finger dwelled up and needed an extra dose of Aleve. Great bunch of folks signing there (Bruce Coville, Linda Sue Park, Vivien Vande Velde, Jeff Mack, Katie Davis and about twenty-five more.) We had a ball.

Other stuff:

I voted, for all the good it did. Went to two writer’s group meetings, watched “Howl” with poet friend Patricia Lewis. Had an NPR interview. And went to the Michelson’s Gallery Children’s Book Illustration show.

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