Scenes From My Professional Life 2

Stellar group at a November, 2003 opening of an illustrators' show at the Michelson Gallery in Northampton, Mass. Standing from left to right: Neil Waldman; Tony DiTerlizzi; Pietro Spica; Thomas Locker; Jane Yolen; Gallery Owner and author Richard Michelson; Jules Feiffer; Mordicai Gerstein; Dennis Nolan; Barry Moser; Norton Juster; Robert Rayevsky. Front Row-left to right: Rebecca Guay; Heidi Stemple; Diane DeGroat; Lauren Mills; Kathy Brown. How many have illustrated my works?

Jane and Pictish Stone

Pictish stone, "The Maiden Stone" Scotland, 2001.

Jane, Michael and Marilyn

Harcourt editor Michael Stearns who was once my terrific assistant and is now telling me what to do, and my beloved agent Marilyn Marlow, Hatfield, MA, 1999 at my 60th birthday.

Baystate Writer's Guild

Baystate Writers' Guild: Alex Elliot, Jan Swofford, Jay Neugeboren, me, Rich Michelson, Zane Kotker, kneeling - Corrine Demas, Bob Abel.


With fellow thespians, Gary Wolfe, Brian Aldiss and Judith Clute at Fort Lauderdale Science Fiction Conference perfoming a Brian Aldiss play.

SFWA shuffle

Jane doing the infamous SFWA shuffle at a science fiction conference with Steve Gould and ? This is the part where writers backstab each other.

Jane and Clay

Jane dances with Wolves ... er ... publishers: Jane with Clay Winters, publisher of Boyds Mills Press.

Jane with poster

Famous for a day--back when I did school visits.

Jane at IRA

International Reading Association Conference, Washington, DC, 1998

writing group

My writing group on the porch at my house, mid-meeting, on a particularly windy, January day: Ann Turner, me, Patty MacLachlan, Leslea Newman, Corinne Demas, Barbara Diamond Goldin. Anna Kirwan is missing, as she had to stay home and work on a book.

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