September 25-26, 2009:

The trip back from London started in a fraught manner. I worked at my hosts’ house and got about 10 more pages done. (That was not the fraught part.) And I called for a cab about two and a half hours before I needed them. Since my train left at 2, I asked for a cab to come for me at 1. That way I could buy something to carry onto the train as well. And I am always early for things. I HATE running late.

At 1, I was outside, having already dropped the keys through the door, waiting in the London sunshine. My cell phone rang. I assumed they needed further directions. But no– it was the cab company saying they couldn’t find a driver! What a time to discover that. . .and full panic set in. The operator said she would ask around again and call me back in five minutes. Fifteen minutes later, having heard nothing, I called another cab company who said they would have a cab there in ten minutes. Shortly after I hung up, the first place called me to say they’d found someone who would be there in seven minutes. Did I trust them? I had no idea. But I thought they had treated me shabbily. I told them I had found someone else and to call off their cab. The woman said she would. I paced. And paced. A cab came about five minutes later from the original company but it was late enough that I didn’t dare stand on ceremony or on principles. I got in, called and cancelled the second cab. And got to my train with seven minutes to spare! Whew.

Worked some more on the train, but was in economy class on the way back which made things crowded, noisy, and difficult. Lesson learned. Spend the extra 30 pounds!

Home and to bed early. . .and then both my friend Bob and afterwards grandaughter Glen called me at 10 and 11 p.m. But I had good talks with each. Always glad to hear from both of them.

Saturday, I was a bit lazy. Did a couple of pages on CURSES (up to page 102 now) but mostly talked with the chimney man about work on the chimneys (they are blocked) and then High Tea with friends Elaine and Ann. We laughed. A lot.

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