September 28, 2009:

Well, back to form. Book-writing form, that is. After a night’s sleep of TEN hours (I must have been exhausted from the trip!) I got up and started to work on CURSES FOILED AGAIN. Got up to page 102, heading into the big climactic scenes, when I decided it made more sense to go back to the beginning, to make sure that I was going to be doing the right climax for the right book! (I HATE when the opposite happens.) It is an energizing move so that I can work myself up to speed for the Big Boffo Ending.

So now I am in the mid 50s, having added and/or rearranged pages and along the way creating 6 more pages than before. And remembering some of the stuff I’d forgotten was in the book. I hope this is all working together better now. Tomorrow I will only get to work in the morning since I have an afternoon doctor’s appointment and need to send off a bunch of stuff back to the States (books, holiday presents, etc.).

I also worked on putting together the workshop for Sunday (SCBWI Scotland, in Edinburgh.)

Two nice pieces of book news: THE SCARECROW’S DANCE is in its third printing. And SEA QUEENS has had a Spanish edition (printed in Madrid). Both of these these news items came through Heidi. Oh, and she mentioned a young fan who wrote that he likes my looks a lot. Obviously he means my “books” but I will take any kind of compliment I can get these days!

Now if only I can figure out how to get all the phone calls from people wanting to sell me double-glazing, new kitchens, and give me loans of thousands of pounds stopped, and I will be completely happy.

Dinner at Bob and Debby’s completed my day.

Goodnight, Dear Readers, wherever you are. Send me questions. Let me know you exist. Sometimes it feels as if I am talking to myself here.

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