September 28-29, 2012:

Two days filled with writing, reading, movies, and more writing.

I have continued my poem a day, though on Sunday I actually worked on three poems occasioned by some lines in the new (and brilliant) Hilary Mantel novel about Thomas Cromwell, Bring Up the Dead. My God, the woman can write–lyrically, intelligently, compellingly. I am not only learning much about Henry VIII’s England, about the culture and mind set of the time, but enormous amounts about the look and smell of the place.

I also worked on my new piece for the National Geographic book the children and I are doing, this one, about Balto who was lead dog for the final dogsled team into Nome in 1925 with the diphtheria serum  that saved the lives of the sick children of the town. Then did a couple of re-drafts, trying to get it down near the 850 word count.

Movie Bob and I went to see “Loopers,” a noir sf picture that worked brilliantly for 9/10 of the time but fell down in the final looped ending which raised questions that shattered (for me, at least) the time travel elements of the film. We both would have preferred going to see “The Master” but it wasn’t playing in the area.

Sunday, Heidi and I went off to the Conway, MA.  Autumn Festival to sign books along with Jeff Mack, Holly Hobby, and others. We did very well indeed, and the forecasted rain held off until fifteen minutes before the end of the signing times. We’d stayed into the second time frame–we were to sign from 11-1 (1 was when all the weather forecasts said there would be rain) and at 2:45 when we were already packing up, down it came. So all was copacetic. A lot of old friends from our days living in Conway (Heidi and Adam were both born there) stopped by to visit. At home, I watched the lovely (though a bit sappily romantic) “Exotic Marigold Hotel” movie on the tv, but it was just right for my mood.


And so to bed. . .hoping for some good news this week bookwise.



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