September 28-September 30, 2011

The run down to my return home to the States begins in earnest. As usual, I spent a lot of time moving stuff from one place to another–clothes in different closets, more work on the garden room, getting rid of past sell-by-date food, taking stuff to the recycling, forgetting to take other stuff to recycling. It is a shell game, really.

I wrote a few poems, sold some other poems, got book reviews, packed and unpacked, and dreamed of home, that old drill.

Also the Kingask Cottage people who will be renting out my house, Wayside, while I am gone (short but expensive breaks, no pets, no small children, no students) came to take photos and talk to me about my responsibilities (putting away breakables, etc.) though I am not on their website yet. If I am lucky, the rentals should pay for my Scottish council taxes. But “lucky” is the word, because who knows if the place will rent at all?

I also had tea with friends Marianna and Pete one day, Nora the next, dinner with Claire, tea with Janie, all within three days. The social whirl.

Did I mention packing?

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