September 6-7, 2010:

First, I know I wrote 1020 as the date on the previous journal entry. I just don’t know quite how to correct that. So simply take it as a warning that authors without editors are typo-machines. They make us better than we are though, alas, not better than we should be.

Now as to books and writing, I wrote a not-wonderful poem about children, revised and reworked the Joey Dante’s Trip to Heck proposal and sent it Bob Harris, my co-author. And received the first pictures for another book proposal with Jason right now called Animals in Abundance. But haven’t yet gotten started on the writing.

Finished reading Mockingjay, Suzanne Collins’ third book in the trilogy. Thought that she and the editor blinked on this one. Either it should have been four books, not three, with this one starting back a bit and showing her return home to find everything destroyed and how she makes her way to the new underground place and manages to become a cooperating part of the new community (or pretends to be). Or else just give us a couple of chapters more at the beginning of this book. As it is, it feels awfully told and not shown. Once the real action kicks in, though, about halfway through,  it’s another super page-turner.

As for my fun life, Debby and I drove under a louring sky to Doune and another big antiques mall. I bought a few holiday gifts and a lovely 1900s Arts&Crafts side table. Have tried it in the dining room, but don’t think it is sitting there comfortably. Will have to move it around a bit.

A quiet two days, actually.

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