Note to teachers: After twenty-five years of doing them, I have retired from making school visits. However, I still answer all snail and e-mail from my readers. And I am also willing to do conference calls or online chats with your students and I am on SKYPE if that will help. I can be reached at If I am in your neighborhood for a conference or signing or storytelling presentation, I hope you will stop by and visit for a while.

Jane’s Calendar:



  • 10-13: my birthday weekend, speaking at NYC   SCBWI
  • 17-19  Boskone, Boston science fiction convention, speaking, giving a reading


  • 17-18, speakng at Plumb Creek children’s booksin Nebraska


  • 12-17: Minneapolis  trying to work on a reading a either Wild Rumpus or Red Balloon, then the Minneapolis science fiction convention
  • 21-24: New England SCBWI in Springfield, Mass, speaking, to panels


  • 6: Hudson NY  children’s book festival
  • 18-22: in Pittsburgh, Nebula Awards, where I will be officially made a Grand Master of  Science Fiction and Fantasy
  • 31:  ABA Javits Center with Cornell


  • 31:Septemeber in Atlanta–DragonCon science fiction convention


  • 14: Chappaqua NY children’s book festival


  • 3-5:  Rochester NY children’s book festival