A Mixtie-Maxtie Motley Squad

As the publisher wrote:

“Remember that time you decided to read some Great Literature and it just didn’t click? Maybe you made it 20 pages in, set the book down to get a cup of tea, and sometimes thought about the book guiltily over the next five or six years before finally moving on to page 21. Or maybe you found the Classic Book an insufferable bore and were bewildered when your professor told you how much it meant to her personally. Maybe you started giggling helplessly when Little Nell died.

Well, Jane Yolen has a book for that.

As indeed I do. The book is dedicated to Dorothy Parker because the poems (like hers) are full of snark, puns, and perhaps insights. Here are two of my favorites:

Homer Is Where the Heart Is

Homer ventures,
Homer waits,
Homer numbers
Homeric fates.
Homer sings,
Homer pens,
Homer spies
Through hero’s lens.
Homer heroes
Not despotic
Though some seem
Homer Neurotic.
When he writes
Odysseus roamer,
He knocks out
A mighty homer.

©2018 Jane Yolen all rights reserved

Mad Bad Dangerous Blake

What’s all this talk of tygers?
What’s all this guff of God?
The poet was a Londoner
So how did he know sod?

©2018 Jane Yolen all rights reserved

This collection of poems is print-on-demand and can be ordered from Unsettling Wonder.

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