Pegasus, the Flying Horse


Lightyear Entertainment did an animated movie written by Doris Orgel and she wasn’t interested in turning the story of Pegasus into a book. I watched the movie and wasn’t interested in retelling her story either. So when Dutton and Lightyear asked me to tell it in my own way, I agreed. Li Ming had done such a wonderful job on “Merlin and the Dragons” he was contracted to do these illustrations as well. Someone forgot to tell him that horses have teeth. I have always loved the classic story of the flying horse, and researching it was a pleasure. It is set in ancient Corinth in my telling, where a boy and his father are on the way to the horse market and they meet a beggar. Chosen one of the Best Children’s Books of the Year/1998 in Ages 5-9 category by Children’s Book Committee at Bank Street College, and selected for the 1999 Storytelling World Award in the :”Tellable” Stories for Ages 13-17 Category, sponsored by the magazine Storytelling World. It was also a 1999 Honor Book for the Storytelling World Awards given by Storytelling World magazine and announced at the International Reading Assn. 1999 conference.

What reviewers have said:

  • “Yolen eloquently brings this ancient tale to life. The artist’s lush, Renaissance-style oil paintings surround the text,. Full of light and saturated color, the illustrations deftly set the tone and place. All of the elements of a good story are here: adventure, intrigue, wicked acts of deceit, heroic deeds, and the dangers of pride. A perfect selection for young fantasy fans and an inviting introduction to myths.” — School Library Journal

Out of print.

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