Moon Ribbon, The

This was the second collection of fairy tales I wrote and together with The Girl Who Cried Flowers and The Hundredth Dove led to my being called the Hans Christian Andersen of America. Putting the stories in a single volume was the idea of my astute and wonderful editor Ann K. Beneduce, and she had a hand in all my fairy tales for many years after. There was a Japanese edition. This was a Golden Kite Honor Book.

Out of print.


  • Babbling Bookworms Fabulous Books list for 1976
  • Golden Kite Award: Honor Book 1977

What reviewers have said:

  • “…the author shows here a rare talent. She can create fairy tales in the classic tradition that are wholly original.”–Publisher’s Weekly
  • “Traditional, even classic in nature, each tale contains a pearl of wisdom–an inalienable truth–applicable to contemporary values. David Palladini’s hauntingly beautiful illustrations have an etheral, dream-like quality. It’s a superb collection.”–West Coast Review of Books
  • “For those who enjoy fairy-tale fntasy, this is an enchanting book, the six stories a pleasure to read aloud.”–New Zealand Book World
  • “As usual, Yolen’s words are well chosen…Special appeal for fairy tale addicts.”–Booklist
  • “Yolen has a remarkable storytelling gift: she can write stories which seem, once we have read them, to have always been a part of our consciousness.”–Minnesota Daily
  • “Six beautifully written fairy stories, each simple, effective, and traditional in style–a beautifully produced book, nice to handle and read.” (British edition)–Books In Schools

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